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S t a t e m e n t 

Art is a universal language

This is the belief that is central to abstract artist Giovanni Angeloro. His impressionist art is a vessel of who he is, and his paintings are filled with the emotions he felt as he created them.


He is driven by the idea that his work enables you, the observer, to surrender to the moment and undergo a genuine and unique experience. This is why he refers to himself as a creator of emotions.

A p p r o a c h

Ensure the Experience. Angeloro's main goal is to stimulate your eyes so that the experience varies and transforms constantly. For him, self-awareness is essential to surrendering to the moment.

Enable a unique interpretation. Angeloro suggests  a message through his work but provides an environment that allows you to conclude to an exclusive message, as it stems from your individual experience and interpretation of the artwork .


Conribute to a renewed  experience.  Angeloro' works with various mediums and  methods because each allows him to enrich the work with different perspectives and dimensions. ​

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